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LUMEN SS | Volume V, Issue 1, 2016 | DOI: 10.18662/lumenss.2016.0501


Clothing: from “Subsistence Rights” to the Category of “Comfort and Well-being Rights” | Madalina Virginia ANTONESCU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2016.0501.01

Direct versus Indirect Rewards for the Attraction of the Employees | Elena-Sabina HODOR

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2016.0501.02

Education, Economic Welfare Generator | Laura Mariana CISMAS, Ana Maria BANU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2016.0501.03


“The Senior Tourism” in Russia: the Study of Motivation and Satisfaction Customers | Olga NIKITINA

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2016.0501.04

Evaluating Training and Competences within Organisation’s Leadership | Mihaela TANASE

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2016.0501.05


Critical Perspectives on Evaluating the Corruption in the Republic of Moldova | Antonio SANDU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2016.0501.06





LUMEN SS | Volume IV, Issue 2, 2015 | DOI:

New Approaches in Social Sciences Field | Marius – Costel ESI

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0402.01


Psycho-Clinical Aspects of Unemployed People | Andreea Teodora TUDOR

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0402.02

Professionalizing Teaching Career | Cristina IORGA, Cosmina CONSTANTIN

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0402.03

The Influence of Psychological Factors on Teaching Communication | Cristina TIMPAU, Olivia PISICA

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0402.04

Play and Learning at Preschool Child | Olivia TUDORICA (PISICA), Cristina TIMPAU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0402.05

Opportunities for Improving the Legal and Institutional Framework Aimed at the Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Romania | Maria HANYECZ-DEBELKA

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0402.06

Aspects of Social Support in the Case of Abstinent Alcoholic | Mihok-Geczi IANOS-MATYAS-TAMAS

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0402.07




LUMEN SS | Volume IV, Issue 1, 2015 | DOI:


Ideology of Origin Effect – a Conversion of the Country of Origin Effect | Madalina MANOLACHE

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.01

The Role of Professors from the Faculty of Medicine in Imposing Social Medicine in Inter-War Romania. Preliminaries | Catalin BOTOSINEANU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.02


Importance of Self-Directed Learning | Cristina TIMPAU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.03

Study on Communication in Physical Activity Programs | Ana-Maria VASILIU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.04

Professional Training in Law Enforcement – An Organisational-Leveled Analysis | Cristina UDREA

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.05

Probation Outcome. A Descriptive Analysis of Family Factors | Ioana BAUMGARTEN

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.06

Nicotine Craving and Cue-Exposure Therapy | Ioana Monica CIOLAN

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.07

Emigration and the Future of Young Generation in Bacau County, Romania | Andreea MORARU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.08

Development and Transformation of Religious Landscape in Iasi County after the Fall of Communism | Alexandra Georgiana PARASCA

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.09

The Voice of Russia and the Romanian new media consumers | Catalin NEGOITA

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.10

A Pre-Test on Total Rewards Model for Business Consulting Romanian Companies | Elena-Sabina HODOR

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.11

Internal Control system: Cost of Risk vs. Risk Management. Case study: Romanian Banking System | Florin ANDREI

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.12


The Role of Afterschool Programs in the Educational Activity | Gabriela BEREA

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.13

Comparative Study on the Long Jump’s Biomechanics in the Case of Athletes in Major Competitions | Corina TIFREA, Raluca Maria COSTACHE

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.14

Socialization – Continuous Transformational Process | Gabriela BEREA

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.15

Improving Fitness through Bodybuilding Workouts | Corina TIFREA, Valentin CRISTIAN,  Dan MANESCU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.16


Parental Work from a Sociological Perspective | Gabriela BEREA

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.17


Ethics Pressure and Social Construction of Public Space | Antonio SANDU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2015.0401.18





LUMEN SS | Volume III, Issue 1, 2014 | DOI:


Power in the Great Feminine Eon: Feminine Values of Power According to the New Testament | Mădălina Virginia ANTONESCU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.01

Ambiguity Tolerance in Productional Creativity | Beatrice Adriana BALGIU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.02

Social Dialogue, Communication, Synergy Bonds and Unification with the Romanian Immigrants Background | Elena BASARAB (COCOS)

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.03

The Role of Virtue Ethics in the Deontological Training of Prospective Teachers
| Viorica – Torii CACIUC

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.04

Values and Behaviours in Romanian Commercials | Elena-Maria EMANDI

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.05

A Trilogy of Participatory Democracy in United Kingdom, Germany and Nordic European Countries | Irina Marina LAZAR

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.06

Bridge to the Unconscious: The Combined use of Kalffian Sandplay and Vocal Psychotherapies | Sana LOUE

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.07

Social Causes of Drug Consumption amongst Teenagers | Francisc MAIER

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.08

Conjugal Homicide | Simona MIHAIU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.09

Migration and Religion in Romania: A Study Regarding the Influence of Migration Behaviour on Religion | Alexandra Georgiana PARASCA,  Andreea MORARU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.10

The Abandonment of Children with 0-3 years in Romania – Institutionalization and Issues | Rebeca POPESCU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.11

Thinking Style and Moral Values in Adolescence | Claudia SALCEANU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.12

Rational Choice Approaches and the Analysis of Institutional Changes | Miroslav TASCU-STAVRE

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.13

The Importance of Role Play for Children’s Development of Socio-Emotional Competencies | Claudia VLAICU

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.14

A Cluster Account of Art Evaluation | Oana VODĂ

Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/lumenss.2014.0301.15


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