The Victim of Violence - between the Law and the Aggressor

Iuliana HUNEA, Simona Irina DAMIAN, A. KNIELING, Sofia DAVID, Madalina Maria DIAC, Diana BULGARU ILIESCU


Unlike the Old Criminal Code, where the physical integrity, health of the person and the social relations in connection to them were protected by the existence of three laws - Percussion and other violence, bodily injury and serious bodily injury, in the actual Criminal Code, these social values are the legal object of two crimes - Percussion and other violence and Body Injury. Without substituting the lawyers, we propose in this article a discussion of these aspects and the consequences that can be derived from them, consequences that we, as legal practitioners, quantify for the purpose of legal framing of the act.

How to cite: Hunea, I., Damian, S.I., Knieling, A., David, S., Diac, M.M., Bulgaru Iliescu, D. (2017). Institutionalizing the Global Order of Peace. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty, Section: Law, V(2), 17-25.


bodily injury, legal medicine, punishment

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