Deontological Perspectives on Police Activity

Larisa Ionela PASNICIUC


In a state of law, Police are among the most important institutions, with the aim of protecting the citizen. Although this structure appeared a long time ago, it did not cease to develop with the society and adapt to the needs of the current times. Romanian police represent the link between the state and the society, and democracy is not possible without the help of this institution. Respect for citizens' rights and freedoms is a priority for the Romanian Police, and all its actions are for the sole purpose and interest of the society. The partnerships between citizens and police help to exert their job responsibilities and improve the relationship between them. 

How to cite: Pasniciuc, L.I. (2017). Deontological Perspectives on Police Activity. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty, Section: Law, V(2), 67-92.


police, deontological perspectives, police activity, trust.

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