Sexual Harassment. Micro-research

Loredana Cătălina SPOIALĂ, Raluca Gabriela ZAHARIE, Maria Cristina PETREA, Sabina Mădălina SMOCHINĂ, Maria CLIPA


The purpose of the paper is to analyze the hypothesis according to which the women in Romania considers sexual harassment to be a serious problem, but it is still expected the solution to occur naturally. In this paper, we want to emphasize that women need to be better informed about sexual harassment and that most of those in such cases are not aware of the law that protects them.

How to cite: Spoială, L.-C., Zaharie, R.-G., Petrea, M.-C., Smochină, S.-M., Clipa, M. (2017). Sexual Harassment. Micro-research. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty, Section: Law, V(2), 93-116.


sexual harassment; exclusion; abuse; discrimination; injured person

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