Global Diplomacy, in the Context of Global Governance

Madalina Virginia ANTONESCU


While attempting to define the term global governance in the first part of the paper and providing some general remarks about the main features of this political concept, in the other sections, we will try to briefly analyse the concept of global society, the concept of harmonious global society, as well as the global actors capable of initiating, developing and constantly following an agenda of global issues, actors perceived and self-defined as actors of global diplomacy. Neither the global society (set up through a range of global regimes in full expansion and improvement, through a range of international institutions, one of them in process of being globalized, i.e. emancipating from the mandate of the states; through principles of global sustainable governance), nor the global society can be developed outside a minimum conceptualisation of global diplomacy. In this paper, we will analyse the types of global diplomacy deriving from the main IR concepts and theories, each offering an interesting perspective about our world.

Antonescu, V. M. (2017). Global Diplomacy, in the Context of Global Governance. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty, Section: Law, V(1), 29-42. DOI:


global governance, global society, harmonious global society, global diplomacy, global actors

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