Comparative Analysis in Public Administration between Romania and EU Countries

Madalina ALBU


In the majority of European Union countries substantiation government is the constitutional rules specific to those countries. Following the entry into force of the European agreement according to which Romania became associated with the European Community and its Member States of the European Union has started a process through legislation, institutions and economy have become compatible with those of the European Community area. Romania's transformation into a democratic state meant the transition to an economy based on free enterprise, the spirit of competition and therefore the public administration reform was necessary to adapt to new requirements of the market economy. At the level of EU countries there are a number of laws governing local and regional government. Both at European level and in our country, in order to conduct business in an efficient public administration in terms of services offered and the administrative system is needed to implement a public management that is based on efficiency and performance activities conducted. The totality trends in management in public administration, applied globally, must underpin the achievement of new objectives in the management of public administration in Romania. In this work are presented the main features of government from European Union countries and provides a comparative analysis of public administration between Romania and European Union countries. Public institutions adapting to a market economy requires major changes in the management of activities. The success of these issues requires an efficient public management.  Adapting specific global public administration to public administration in Romania is of great importance, a priority and a challenge for all public managers.

Albu, M. (2017). Comparative Analysis in Public Administration between Romania and EU Countries. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty, Section: Law, V(1), 51-59. DOI:


Public administration, public management.

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