The Reinterpretation of Portrait in Contemporary Art

Irina Andreea STOLERIU


The Reinterpretation of Portrait in Contemporary Art accompanies the works of artists and theoreticians preoccupied by the meaning of the portrait and the reinterpretation and, especially, by putting them in practice through the works of arts. Being a large topic, the personal scientific endeavour that we materialize into the present study is centred on the contemporary period, not leaving aside the meaning of other artistic ages.

The contemporary age reflects a particular time in the evolution of the history of art, it can be considered, on the one hand, the normal result of development of historical and artistic times up today, but, on the other hand, as an artistic-cultural independent period itself, that either breaks down connections with tradition or resumes them, finding new meaning and ways of approaching them. Thus, the idea of reinterpreting works of art comes to underline a specific feature of contemporary artistic times, making us the witnesses of a large history of reinventing the portrait.

How to cite: Stoleriu, I. A. (2017). The Reinterpretation of Portrait in Contemporary Art. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty, Section: Philosophy and Humanistic Sciences, V(2), 39-47.


Portrait, Reiterpretation, Contemorary Art.

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