Communication Management in Educational Institutions



As competitiveness of higher educational environment is increasing in Eastern Europe, it is important for universities to construct a distinct image. However, managing institutional brands used not to be a priority for educational institutes from this region.

An important step of image management activities is investigating consumer expectations and measuring their satisfaction with the services offered. We present the results of a survey-based investigation regarding expectations of secondary school students about education, and their image about two main higher education institutes from Transylvania (Romania). A second survey addressed attitudes of undergraduate university students regarding educational services and the general image of the university they attend.

By comparing the results of the two investigations we can observe differences regarding the positive and negative attitudes about an institute of the two groups. When potential customers (future students) does not have the desired image of an educational institute, there is a communicational challenge in propagating positive and real institutional characteristics, as supported by information collected from actual students. This process gives an insight on the nature of information to be propagated for constructing a desired institutional image.

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institutional image, communication strategy, customer behavior.

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