Propaganda, Emancipation and Stalinist Internationalism In Romanian Communist Magazines for Women

Toth Godri IRINGO


My research concerns on Dolgozo no (Working Woman) and Femeia (Thee Woman), the most important monthly magazines for women from the socialist-communist Romania. I was studying the texts and the illustrations from these magazines in a special context, I concentrated on propaganda, female emancipation and Stalinist internationalism, on typical topics from the period and the given political system. These magazines influences millions, women who got information, studied from these periodical, socialized by them. These magazines are in a very close relationship with topics like the female emancipation, the female rights, the role of the female in the socialist society, the representation of the ideal socialist women. These topics have begun to be fashionable in Romania, but the expert mostly put an accent on the female emancipation, on the political references. Hardly ever there is focus on the simple women, on the every days. My research focuses on the history of these magazines, what is more, by analyzing the magazine we can notice that there exists a progress: in the first period we see the military woman, in the mild period we can see the intellectual, the mother in the center of her family, while in the late, very cruel years we can see only the dictator leader`s portraits, Ceausescu appears most frequent then the working women. In this study I try to present the first period, the propagandistic messages of the era, the visual content, the specific style.

How to cite: Iringo, T. G. (2017). Propaganda, Emancipation and Stalinist Internationalism in Romanian Communist Magazines for Women. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty, Section: Philosophy and Humanistic Sciences, V(2), 13-25.



propaganda, socialism, communism, press, feminism.

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The Dolgozo no (1945-1989, Cluj Napoca) and the Femeia (1948-1989) periodical (different numbers) from Biblioteca Universitara Cluj-Napoca - Periodical Fond


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