The Prose of the „60s, from Allusion to Subversive Message

Alexandra Oana SAFTA


When it comes to postwar prose, most part of the literary history chooses to split it - according to the specific theme and style - into opportunist, subversive, dissident, and evading. The novels of the 1964 – 1975 decade follow several directions, both theme, and style-wise: political novel, mythical novel with parable nuances, fantastic prose, analysis prose, poetical prose. The Prose of the ‘60s, from Allusion to Subversive Message follows the literary approach and intends to identify the volatile allusion to the major social and political issues of the time. How do aesthetical and ethical combine; how artistic creation succeeds in taking in ideological suggestions that are more or less accusatory; how natural is the combative message or how far-fetched and false does it sound? These are questions that the present work is trying to provide an answer to, through clear examples taken from the novels of writers such as D.R. Popescu, Ștefan Bănulescu or George Bălăiţă.

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generation of the '60s, social, language, abstractness, subversive.

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