The Principle "Pacta Sunt Servanda" in the Relationship of the Russian Federation - Republic of Moldova

Svetlana CEBOTARI, Sergiu PLOP


In the literature, the relations between the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation were examined from a triple perspective: political-military, economic and socio-cultural. To the aspect regarding the observance of the provisions stipulated in the Moldovan-Russian inter-state treaties was practically not paid attention. This article provides a political and legal analysis of the relations between Russian Federation and  the Republic of Moldova through the observance of the “pacta sunt servanda†principle, and provides an attempt to analyze the principle of observance of the obligations stipulated in the Moldovan-Russian interstate treaties.

How to cite: Cebotari, S., & Plop, S. (2017). The Principle "Pacta Sunt Servanda" in the Relationship of the Russian Federation - Republic of Moldova. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty, Section: Political Sciences and European Studies, IV(2), 15-23. DOI:


treaty, interstate relations pacta sunt servanda, international law principle, provision, Republic of Moldova.

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