Review for the volume “Criticism of ethical and philosophical grounds of national-socialismâ€, authored by Antoniu Alexandru Flandorfer, Eikon Publishing House, 2016

Antonio SANDU


A unique critique of national-socialism starting from its ethical dimension, and the social philosophy which underlied its emergence, its carried out with a special argumentative elegance and interpretative being by Antoniu Alexandru Flandorfer, the author from Suceava, in the volume Criticism of ethical-philosophical grounds of national-socialism, published by Eikon Publishing House in Bucharest.


Antoniu Alexandru Flandorfer, criticism, ethical-philosophical grounds, national-socialism

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Flandorfer, A. A. (2016). Critica fundamentelor etico-filosofice ale nationale socialismului, [The criticism of the ethical-philosophical fundaments of the national-socialism]. Bucharest: Eikon Publishing.

Himmelfarb, G. (1959). Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution. London: Chatto and Windus.

Maxim, S.T. (1999). Constiinta morala, [Moral consciousness]. Iasi: Junimea Publishing.


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