Ethics Adviser Role in Public Administration

Madalina ALBU


The paper presents a series of national considerations regarding ethics adviser role in ensuring integrity in public administration in Romania. Across all public authorities in Romania must be a constant concern to be identified causes of breaches of conduct by public officials. Accurate and timely identification of all causes of the breaches of conduct can lead to identifying the most appropriate ways to prevent violations of rules of conduct, namely the adoption of the most effective strategies and measures to reduce these cases. It is also indispensable as professional and efficient exercise of the function of ethics advice each institution and public authorities. The social relevance of the subject matter derives from the benefits of ethics counselling. The purpose of this paper is to present the main advantages of ethics counselling in public administration. The role of Ethics Advisers is extremely important in the context in which the level of public authorities and public institutions has been given less importance to analysing and individualizing the causes and consequences of civil servants' failure to comply with the rules of conduct. To be assured ethics in public administration at each designated institutions and public authorities is a public officer to monitor compliance with the rules of conduct and to provide advice on issues of ethics of civil servants from the institution. In this way ensures quality of service and relations with citizens, institutional image and prestige. As a result, the activity of the officials responsible for monitoring compliance with rules of conduct and for providing advice on ethical issues - ethics advisers - can play in this context is particularly relevant and responsible authorities should combine their efforts to ensure adviser ethics best framework to allow taking active, responsible and implementation of duties provided by law.

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Ethic, public administration, ethics adviser, legislation, public authorities.

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