Importance of Psycho-Physical Training over the ʺSeasons of Lifeʺ



Along with the transcendence in our galaxy of the Homo Sapiens, it begins a process of evolution which may last for either a shorter or a longer period of time, a process that is influenced both genetically and by the individuals’ personal conduct of activities, known in the scholarly literature as the ʺseasons (stages) of lifeʺ. Our work aims to make a brief analysis of the evolution over these ʺseasonsʺ / existential stages of life, analysing the individuals in their ethical and psycho-physical aspects, making, at the end of each existential stage, several recommendations to improve the quality of life.

How to cite: Galan, D. (2017). Importance of Psycho-Physical Training over the ʺSeasons of Lifeʺ. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty, Section: Social Sciences, VI(1), 51-60. DOI:


psycho-physical training, movement, life, education, evolution.

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