Promotion Strategies in Online Marketing

Victor George CONSTANTINESCU, Iuliana CONSTANTIN, Catalina Gabriela BELGIU (CUREA)


In this paper, the authors present the importance of online promotion in marketing. The article includes a theoretical part in which the main types of electronic business are presented, and also practical ways through which we can ensure online presence. The article also includes a marketing qualitative research (focus group). The research conducted must answer the question: What is the perception and the attitude of Internet users towards online buying environment. The purpose of the research is knowing the perception and users attitude toward shopping online. Study participants have a high opinion of online stores. They identify the benefits of orders via the Internet: wide range of products, access to products not available in traditional stores, time saving, convenience, etc. But still their first option for purchasing products is traditional stores and this because of the risks associated with ecommerce website such as: the possibility of not receiving the order, the products do not comply, the products are damaged. Due to a continuous growth rate of Internet users and also due to the increasing value of transactions made online, e-commerce is present in all market fields. Promotional policy in an online business that offers services, is the key element of the marketing mix, being the decisive factor in maintaining a long-term customer relationship. It is essential that the messages that are transmitted through the promotional campaign to be concise, plausible, attractive and to be understood by all stakeholders. The campaigns must be understood by the targeted customers in order to influence the customer behaviour and make a decisional difference among clients.

How to cite: Constantinescu, V-G., Constantin, I. & Belgiu (Curea), C. G. (2017). Promotion Strategies in Online Marketing. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty, Section: Social Sciences, VI(1), 73-82. DOI:


promotional, marketing, internet, communication, strategy

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