Views on the Systemic Approach to Adult Training Process



The present paper aims to bring a series of critical opinions to the volume of Ioana-Irina Rusu, who deals with the issue of the process of professional training of adults through a systemic approach.

How to cite: Unguru, E. (2017). Views on the Systemic Approach to Adult Training Process. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty, Section: Social Sciences, VI(1), 123-127. DOI:


book review; LUMEN; author Ioana-Irina RUSU; adult training process; systemic approach

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Rusu, I. (2013). Abordarea sistemica a procesului de formare profesionala a adultilor [Systemic approach of the process of adults professional training]. Iasi, Romania: LUMEN Publishing House.

Guvernul Romaniei Ordonanta Nr. 129 din 31 august 2000 *** Republicata privind formarea profesionala a adultilor in Monitorul Oficial nr. 110 din 13 februarie 2014, [Romanian Government, Ordonance no. 129 from August 31, 2000 *** Republished considering the adults professional training in the Official Gazette no. 110 from February 13, 2014].]

Parlamentul Romaniei Legea educatiei nationale nr. 1/2011 publicata in Monitorul Oficial nr. 18 din 10.01.2011, cu modificatile si completarile ulterioare. [Romanian Parliament, Law of national education no. 1/2011, published in the Official Gazette no. 18 from January 10, 2011, with changes and further amendaments.]


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