Particularities of the Organizational Development in Social Work Services. Supervision of Human Resources



The main purpose of the article is the institutional analysis of an organization providing social work services in Iasi County, whose activity benefits from professional supervision. The objectives of the micro-research are: The diagnosis of the organizational development in a public organization offering services of social work and Identifying the particularities of supervision of social work services in a public institution. The current micro-research is a qualitative one, being done both through document analysis and data available online of the center analysed, as well as interview with a representative of the center. The data were collected in February 2017. 

How to cite: Unguru, E.(2017). Particularities of the Organizational Development in Social Work Services. Supervision of Human Resources. Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala, 9(1), 107-118. DOI:


institutional analysis, services of social work, day center, supervision.

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