Promoting Ethics and Integrity in Sport: the Romanian Experience in Whistleblowing



The issue of ethics and integrity in sport is a particularly recent one, as a result of the growing number of approaches from the perspective of collaboration between people who identify violations of the rules of organization or of the way in which sports activities are conducted, and the institutions empowered to prevent such phenomena. If at international level a series of coherent and consistent measures have been agreed to prevent and sanction such violations in sport, at national level there are still many stages to undergo and measures to be implemented.

Romania is one of the first European countries to adopt legislation on the protection of whistleblowers in public institutions (2004). However, given the defamatory influence from the communist era, the enforcement of the law has not produced results at the expected level, so few are now reporting corruption situations or irregularities within different organizations.

Starting from the general aspects of whistleblowing, the paper aims to analyze this phenomenon in the Romanian sport, which has some mechanisms for defending ethics and integrity. The analysis is carried out in the framework of the international provisions on whistleblowing and highlights the gap between these provisions and the legislation specific to sport in Romania, as well as the action guidelines that can be pursued in order to bring the Romanian sport in line with the legislative frame and good practices (legal and educational) at European and global level.

The paper reflects some concerns of the UNEFS specialists regarding the issue in question, as well as the creation and implementation of some measures and programs which would lead to clean practices in sport.


sport; ethics; integrity; whistleblowing; education.

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