The Divine Proportion’s Incidence in Facial and Dental Aesthetics

Oprea Valentin BUSU, Elena Cristina ANDREI


As a science, facial and dental aesthetics is highly complex, the dentist being compelled to effectively exploit his abilities of reconstructing affected tissues, but also cultivate his aesthetic sense. Nowadays, dentists frequently face the patients high expectations, regarding dental structure and facial reconstruction. Most young patients tend to choose their model from the media, while patients over the age of 50 desire to have teeth like those of youth. It should also be noted that there is no concept of „cosmetic dentistry” as the teeth can only be adjusted in corellation to the face and body appearance. Thus, between physiognomy and the general appearance of the body and of the teeth a state of interdependence is in existence. One of the major errors that leads to endangering the quality of dental treatment and to patient dissatisfaction is the way in which the doctor-patient relationship is managed. If a person opts for an aesthetic treatment it is clear that it is facing a low self-esteem, in this case the dentist needing to address the disorder on two coordinates: an objective interpretation involves the sequencing of reconstructing a morphological and functional dentition and and establishing the issues related to patients notion of „beautiful”. At the same time, aesthetic dental treatment is based on the personality of the individual, the age, sex and patient's systemic diseases. The notion of „divine proportion” makes possible to perform „perfect” dental works that integrate the facial and somatic features, whose basic characteristics are symmetry, balance, continuity.


aesthetics; self-esteem; reconstructing; proportionality; Divine Proportion

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