Abuse of Rights – Camelia Maria Cezara IGNĂTESCU

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Romanian edition. Original title: ABUZUL DE DREPT

Camelia Maria Cezara IGNĂTESCU

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FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 237          LANGUAGE: Romanian

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FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 236          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN:  978-973-166-349-4

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The general theory of law represents a unitary and essential view of the permanence of law that studies its concepts, categories, principles and basic notions. Radical changes in the political and economic-social life in Romania have also led to extensive changes in the legal system, and the research of the legal phenomenon has forced the reconsideration of the conceptual foundations according to the data provided by the contemporary legal sciences and the historical legal sciences. The theory of law, addressing the regularities of the legal phenomenon in its complexity, cannot ignore the structural analysis of this phenomenon, its modalities of particular expression, which are then found in the constructions it realizes. In the context described above, the present paper aims to analyze the abuse of rights as a concept specific to the general theory of law, which subsumes the particular features of the abuse of law in each branch of law (civil, administrative, labor law, procedural law etc.). (The author)

Topics of interest:

  • civil law
  • subjective rights
  • abuse of rights
  • appearance in law
  • silence in law
  • abuse of power


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