Cultural Dimensions Book Series



The CULTURAL DIMENSIONS Book Series aims to publish books in the fields of: cultural studies, universal, modern and contemporary history, historiography, art history, history of ideas, social, political and military history, collective memory, anthropology, British, American, Jewish, Islamic cultural studies etc., museology, museography and sciences of collections, bibliology, ethnology, philosophy, myths, rituals, symbolic representations and religious studies, philosophy of religion, cultural heritage, visual arts, performing arts.

It is a book series about the resizing and repositioning of the individual in relation to himself and the surrounding world, achieved through the use of artistic perception, history lessons and the search for the beautiful, the aesthetic. A book series about the descent of man into himself and about the elevation of man above the self, about depth and at the same time about the general, global, unitary, integrative vision. A book series on humanity and people, their history, thoughts and ideas and what they can create beautifully for themselves and others, not only for what they are, but especially for what they will be.

The CULTURAL DIMENSIONS Book Series publishes scientific books in the fields indicated above, in accordance with the Editorial Rules of LUMEN Publishing House.


BOOK SERIES COORDINATOR – Associated Lecturer PhD. ANA FRUNZĂ – Researcher at LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, Iasi, Romania & Associated Lecturer at Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava





RESPONSIBLE EDITOR COORDINATOR – PhD. ELENA GAFTON – Researcher at LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, Iasi, Romania.