Multidimensional Education Book Series



MULTIDIMENSIONAL EDUCATION Book Series brings together books from the fields of education sciences, psychology, pedagogy, special psycho-pedagogy, methodologies, continuing education, physical education and sports, alternative education, volumes for educational purposes, organized as university textbooks, university courses, manuals, works and handouts for training programs, textbooks for pre-university education, curricular aids for higher and pre-university education, lectures, methodical guides, but also doctoral theses, monographs, treatises and other works of great scientific value about the act and purpose of education.

It is a collection that supports teachers of all specialties and levels, from beginners to scientific coordinators and trainers with established experience in their fields of expertise, which aims to be a starting point for the elaboration of materials specific to the didactic, training and scientific supervision for all categories of beneficiaries of education.

The MULTIDIMENSIONAL EDUCATION Book Series publishes scientific books in the fields indicated above, in accordance with the Editorial Rules of LUMEN Publishing House.


BOOK SERIES COORDINATOR – Prof. PhD. GABRIEL GORGHIU – Faculty of Electrical, Electronic Engineering and Information Technology at the Valahia University of Târgoviște, Romania







RESPONSIBLE EDITOR COORDINATOR – PhD. ANA FRUNZĂ – Researcher at LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, Iasi, Romania & Associated Lecturer at Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava