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POETRY AND FICTION Book Series is a different series … Why? Because it’s not a book series of poetry and fiction as you are used to. It is a series about human becoming, about experiences lived, digested over time, in the secret depths of the human soul, where the authors allow the readers to enter after long stages of individual introspection. It is a series about sharing values, about recontextualizing the existence and the becoming of human experiences under the generative impulse to change the surrounding world and the experiences, happy or unhappy, that people are looking for, or sometimes simply cannot avoid.

In this book series you will find volumes for all the stages and moments of life, for the moments of loneliness, when you are looking for a partner for the journey through thoughts and you choose one of the authors, one of the volumes, for the moments when you need to read words describing states that you cannot express, for the days of relaxation when a good book delights the reverie hours, or for the restless days when you only wish for a little peace before shifting from the dream world with your eyes open, into the dream world with your eyes closed.

The POETRY & FICTION book series publishes books of poetry and novels, in accordance with the Editorial Rules of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House