LUMEN Conference Center

LUMEN Conference Center is a department of LUMEN Association. It started its activity in 2010, organizing national and international conferences, along with prestigious partners from Romania and abroad.

LUMEN Conference Center organizes annually a series of conferences that, over time, have acquired tradition and notoriety in the academic environment:

  • Communicative Action and Transdisciplinarity in the Ethical Society – international transdisciplinary conference in the social and humanistic sciences
  • Rethinking Social Action. Core Values in Practice – the international transdisciplinary conference dedicated to social action based on common values
  • LUMEN EDU – international conference dedicated to multidimensional education
  • New Approaches in Social and Humanistic Sciences – Central and East-European international conference dedicated to social and humanistic sciences
  • LUMEN Health – international scientific conference dedicated to medical, nursing and socio-human sciences in the medical field
  • Multidimensional Education and Professional Ethical Values – international scientific conference dedicated to multidimensional education and continuous professional development

Visit the LUMEN Conference Center website for details on LUMEN conferences, the sections where you can sign up, the frequency of events, publication opportunities, etc.