LUMEN Training and Consulting Center

LUMEN Training and Consulting Center was launched in 2009 by bringing together the consulting, vocational training, mentoring, coaching programs carried out by the specialists of LUMEN Association in partnership with various scientific, educational or cultural institutions. Benefiting as an organization with a vast experience of 15 years in fields such as project management, organizational development, social assistance, personal development, cultural development, personal and company brand promotion, youth and / or programs, virtual resource centers, specialists of LUMEN Association propose a series of training and specialization programs in high-level fields of social practices.

The philosophy of LUMEN Training and Consulting Center within LUMEN Association promotes a vision focused on success, starting from a series of constructionist principles. Some of them highlight the fact that organizations as individuals develop as a priority on those areas that are positively valued.

At the same time, the programs offered by LUMEN Training and Consulting Center within Lumen Association support the transformation of strict social conventions into partnership relationships for performance at both organizational and inter individual levels.

Also, Lumen Training and Consulting Center within LUMEN Association can offer, on request, a diversified offer of courses in areas such as: management, marketing, communication and public relations, new media, social assistance, professional training, organizational development focused on success, personal and company branding, sales techniques, leadership, special courses for teachers in the field of appreciative pedagogy and professional training focused on success and appreciation, personal development. The trainers of Lumen Association have a great deal of professional experience behind, in both nationally and internationally funded programs.

The consulting activity aims to provide a wide range of consulting services. The activity is carried out through the association between Lumen Training and Consulting Center, as a provider of these services, and LUMEN Association, as an authorized provider of vocational training programs.

The areas of expertise supported by the achievements and the experience gained in over 15 years of activity, cover both the activity of the nongovernmental organizations, having a good knowledge of the field, as well as the commercial activities of services and production in various fields.

The provided services are personalized and adapted to the requirements of each client, permanently materialized in concrete and applied measures, with permanent monitoring of the obtained results. The variety of consulting services covers an extended range regardless of the beneficiary’s field of activity, starting from the field of educational program accreditation, attracting financing (elaborating applications for financing non-reimbursable funds, managing project implementation), managing organizations, auditing and ethical expertise, management of human resources (personnel evaluation, training and staff qualifications, assistance in organizational change, team building), risk management, etc., in order to achieve a substantial increase in the activity performance.