is a scientific association that operates through the following departments






LUMEN Publishing House was established in 2001 and operates on the basis of art. 6 paragraph J of the Constitutive Act of LUMEN Association, which provides for the elaboration and publication of documentary materials, the publication of books, magazines, informative materials, courses, posters, brochures, leaflets, albums, etc., and of art. 8 paragraph J, with the same content, from the LUMEN Association Statute.

When setting up the LUMEN Publishing House, it was also considered paragraph e of art. 8 of the LUMEN Association Statute, namely the organization of scientific, cultural, educational and humanitarian activities, as well as the letter i – organization of events, symposia and conferences at local, national and international level, in conjunction with paragraph m – promotion of contacts and collaborations with organizers and similar or different bodies in the country and abroad.

LUMEN Publishing House is a distinct department of LUMEN Association and works as a scientific professional structure starting with 2001, by registering LUMEN Publishing House at the National Library of Romania and obtaining the right to produce and publish books and publications, etc.

LUMEN publishing house is subordinated to the LUMEN RESEARCH CENTER IN SOCIAL AND HUMANISTIC SCIENCES, as a private research structure certified by A.N.C.S. See details regarding research with LUMEN

LUMEN publishing house collaborates closely with LUMEN CONFERENCE CENTER, as a distinct structure of the LUMEN Association, supporting through the editorial activity the events organized by LUMEN Conference Center and LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, as well as by the partners of these structures. See details about LUMEN conferences

The commercial activity of LUMEN Publishing House, including book publishing, attending fairs and exhibitions, organizing its own physical and virtual libraries or entering into partnership or book distribution agreements is done through the sales department of LUMEN Association. See contact details

LUMEN PUBLISHING is a distinct department within LUMEN Association and deals with the establishment and publication of scientific journals. The coordinator of LUMEN Publishing is the director of LUMEN Association, which will take the decisions to set up or terminate a journal, as well as the marketing and financial decisions regarding that journal. The scientific activity of each journal is supervised by a chief journal editor. The editorial activity of each journal is the responsibility of an editor responsible for the journal. For each stage of the editorial process, the editor-in-chief or the editor responsible for the journal may designate an editor of LUMEN Publishing House in order to carry out that editorial stage.


The purpose of LUMEN Publishing House is to promote excellence in the scientific and cultural field, by publishing and promoting scientific results and cultural creations of particular value in the fields: humanistic, social, cultural creations, especially written culture, as well as in other scientific, technical fields etc. LUMEN publishing house actively supports young researchers, giving special importance to beginners.


The objectives of LUMEN Publishing House are:

  1. Publication and promotion of the results obtained within LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences and in other LUMEN Association Programs;
  2. Publication of representative works in the fields:

– scientific, especially in the social sciences, without excluding the other fields of science and technology;

– humanistic: literature and art, etc.

  1. Quality assurance at excellency standards, both for content and for form;
  2. Promoting book series, publications and volumes, both nationally and internationally;
  3. Development of research and creative centers around the book series and publications of LUMEN Publishing House or of the partner publications, within the LUMEN Media Group;
  1. Development of LUMEN Publishing House’s international relations, including through the development of subsidiaries, work points and representations in the country and abroad;
  2. The publishing house intends to rank in the next 10 years between the first 3 scientific publishers in the country in terms of scientific quality and the visibility of the publisher, and among the first 200 worldwide. To achieve this objective, LUMEN Publishing House will develop and strengthen relations with universities and research institutions in the country and abroad, developing a network of partnerships in the field of promoting editorial excellence. It will be involved in the publication and capitalization of research results, especially in the social and humanistic field. It will attract, both in the group of reviewers, in the editorial teams of the publications, as well as authors who publish constantly at LUMEN Publishing House, as many personalities from the country and abroad, paying special attention to the valuable young people, including those who are at debut.
  3. LUMEN Publishing House will make constant efforts to create a core of valuable authors, which will publish constantly within the book programs of LUMEN Publishing House and its journals.
  4. The presence of a book published by LUMEN Publishing House in all the central university libraries and in all the county libraries;
  5. The presence of books and publications of LUMEN Publishing House in the libraries of the main universities in the European Union and in the United States of America, by expanding the already existing network;
  6. Existence of LUMEN books and publications in at least 70% of the libraries of universities in the country, by expanding the already existing network;
  7. Sending the news catalogs to all the central university and county libraries and to all the libraries with which LUMEN Publishing House has a contract, by extending the already existing network;
  8. The presence of LUMEN Publishing books on Amazon.com, as our readers have already become accustomed to;
  9. To conclude partnerships with private broadcasters or broadcast networks in the European Union, the United States of America and the rest of the world, by expanding the existing network;
  10. Encouraging the publication of books in foreign languages;
  11. The gradual shifting of all scientific serial publications of LUMEN Publishing House to the English publishing language (at present, 90% of the serial publications of LUMEN Publishing House are in English);
  12. Encouraging collective publications and proceedings, at least in part, in a foreign language, preferably English;
  13. The publication of bilingual editions of already published books;
  14. Publication of abstracts of all volumes and their distribution in Romanian and English on the Internet;
  15. Development of open source systems for all serial publications of LUMEN Publishing House (currently, all LUMEN Publishing’s journals are published in open access system, as well as the proceedings volumes);
  16. Development of the network of serial and periodical publications of scientific and cultural character and their indexation in international databases (at present LUMEN Publishing House publishes 19 scientific journals, of which 3 are indexed ISI Clarivate Analytics and the rest indexed by at least 3 international databases)
  17. In the next 3 years, at least 3 other publications of LUMEN Publishing House will be indexed ISI Clarivate Analytics;
  18. Particular attention will be devoted to the development and promotion of serial scientific publications, following the model of Postmodern Openings and the Romanian Journal for Multidimensional Education, already indexed by ISI Clarivate Analytics.