Distribution network

The books published by LUMEN Scientific Publishing House can be found on the two marketing platforms of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , available at https://librariavirtuala.com/ and at https://edituralumen.ro/shop/, as well as in the distribution network of physical bookstores and virtual bookstores, a list of which is presented below. The number of partner bookstores increases from year to year, as LUMEN Scientific Publishing House is concerned to constantly make the works published under its patronage available as easily as possible to a wide range of readers.

To see the distribution network related to each volume you might be interested in, please consult the volume individual page on this site. This page contains information on the bookstores where the book can be purchased, both in Romania and abroad.

List of our partner virtual libraries from Romania

List of our partner virtual libraries worldwide

Also, internationally, thanks to the cooperation between LUMEN Scientific Publishing House and Ingram, the largest book distributor worldwide, LUMEN Scientific Publishing House books are available, starting with February 2020, through the Ingram network, which consists of over 27,000 physical and virtual bookstores worldwide.