International Public Law – Aurora CIUCĂ

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Romanian edition. Original title: DREPT INTERNAŢIONAL PUBLIC

Aurora CIUCĂ

LUMEN – Copyright © 2018 – LAW Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 394           LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN: 978-973-166-502-3

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The theme of the volume “International public law” can best be described by the words of Nicolae Titulescu: “What is peace? Is it a word? In such a case we are witnessing the triumph of peace, because there has never been so much talk of peace as from the Great War onwards, is peace, on the contrary, a simple legal organization against the war? And in this case we are witnessing a true ascent of organized peace. But is peace above all a state of mind? To admit in full sincerity that the pacifist spirit has not advanced with the same accelerated pace as the legal organization of peace… Well, if peace, viewed from the perspective of eternity, is and can be nothing but a state of mind, it is today, in the realm of practical realization, at the same time all the three things I spoke to you. In fact, peace is today a state of mind as a goal, a legal organization as an instrument and a cry of initiation, that is, an expression through the word, as a means of implanting into its universal consciousness its imperious commands. “

Topics of interest:

  • international public law
  • treaty law
  • the law of the sea
  • space law
  • international river law


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