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Romanian edition. Original title: DREPT PENAL EUROPEAN


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Second edition

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The idea of an European criminal law is not new, but the need for such a law has been imposed as the criminal phenomenon has crossed national borders, and the laws of the states could not contribute effectively to combating this scourge, and adequate measures are needed at European level. But such an approach is difficult to achieve, because the rules of national criminal law are internal in nature, and the creation of an international criminal law has been challenged by some authors and accepted by others. The paper presents the arguments made against or in favor of an European criminal law, expressing the opinion that “an European criminal law, of cooperation and harmonization, corresponds to an urgent need”, imposed by the increase and internationalization of crime, which is becoming more and more dangerous, turning into organized crime, acting in areas such as drug trafficking, terrorism and so on. (The author)

Topics of interest:

  • European criminal law
  • criminal law
  • European law
  • human rights
  • Criminal Procedural Law
  • organized crime


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