Elements of International Law – Dumitriţa Nicoleta FLOREA

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Romanian edition. Original title: ELEMENTE DE DREPT INTERNAŢIONAL

Dumitriţa Nicoleta FLOREA

LUMEN – Copyright © 2017 – LAW Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 368          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN:  978-973-166-470-5

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The author has researched, selected and interpreted a large number of pre-existing works, studies, articles and translations, signed by authors and specialists in the field, but also by European personalities in the field. The paper presents novelty elements brought by the New Romanian Civil Code, as well as the doctrinal constants. The construction of the paper is based on the study of representative researches in the field of some well-known authors, such as Dumitru Mazilu, Ion P. Filipescu, Sergiu Deleanu, P. Lagarde, H. Batiffol, P. Mayer and others.

The paper proposes a complex, problematic approach from all possible angles, with ample practical references, seeking relevant and argumented solutions. The bibliography is comprehensive, consisting of both external and internal sources, such as the works of well-known authors, renowned in the field. The bibliography provides useful references in the learning process. The book is the result of a thorough research.

Topics of interest:

  • international public law
  • private international law
  • treaty law
  • the legal status of foreigners


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