First Call for Early Registration for the World LUMEN Congress 2021 | May 26- 30, 2021 | 20th LUMEN anniversary edition

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First Call for Participation
World LUMEN Congress 2021
World LUMEN Congress 2021
Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty
20th LUMEN Anniversary edition!
Iasi, Romania | May 26-30th 2021 | online congress

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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the World LUMEN Congress 2021. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty. 20th LUMEN Anniversary Edition! 26-30 May 2021, Iasi, Romania

This new edition of the World LUMEN Congress WLC2021 continues to focus on the interferences between the new theoretical approaches and the social and educational practice, taking into account the need for an ethical resizing of the social action.

For the moment, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic that the entire world faces, the congress will take place in online format only.

There are expected papers in the social sciences and humanities fields, without being set a precise disciplinary border. We encourage the transdisciplinary approaches that overcome the existing cleavage between theory and practice. See the topics here.

This edition of World LUMEN Congress 2021 gives the opportunity of many types of presentations: plenary, oral & poster presentations, but also encourages the proposal of associated events such as lecturesworkshops, round-tables, book releases, conferences.

Call for Plenary Presentations |
Call for Oral & Poster Presentations |
Call for Associated events |

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Register here for the World LUMEN Congress 2021
Registration |

Go to the Registration page of the Congress and follow the registration steps. In the Comments section of Lumen Submission Platform, please specify the manner of presentation: plenary, oral, poster, workshop etc.!

Deadline Early registration | March 1st, 2021  see deadlines

The online platform we will use for virtual presentations is ZOOM. In order to be able to organize the presentations efficiently, the authors registered with virtual presentations are kindly asked to send a supplementary video recording of their presentation in advance at least 20 days before the conference. Sending the recorded video presentation does not replace the online ZOOM presentation during the Conference.

Publication |

World LUMEN Congress 2021 wishes to offer its participants a most diversified international publication opportunity, and an increased visibility of the published papers.

For this edition of World LUMEN Congress, by celebrating 20 years of LUMEN, we offer a special gift for our registered authors!

Free paper publication in the Proceedings Volume*

*in the limit of 5 pages, published by LUMEN Media Publishing, London, UK, and LUMEN Publishing House, Romania. The volume will have British ISBN (allocated by Nielsen Library), and will be indexed in international databases and proposed for indexing case by case by Web of Science Clarivate Analytics – former Thomson Reuters. 

Consult the publication page to see the full paper publication options for the World LUMEN Congress 2021.

Register here for the World LUMEN Congress 2021


Recordings of the plenary, oral, workshop & lectures presentations | video materials

Until May 5th, 2021, all registered participants with plenary, oral, workshop & lectures presentations are kindly invited to send their video recording, of their VIRTUAL PRESENTATION in order for their participation to be validated.
The video presentation of the paper is needed in order to consider the final paper eligible for evaluation for possible publication after peer-review.
This video will be made available, for global audience, on the Youtube Channel Editura LUMEN, the official YouTube Chanel of the Congress.

The video will consist of paper presentation recording of maximum 15 minutes length, in WMA or MP4 format. Make sure the recording will be made in an accurate manner, high quality sound and image.

The LUMEN team will upload it to the LUMEN Publishing House/ Editura LUMEN YouTube channel and create a link to the Congress website and to the Facebook page LUMEN conference center.

How the ZOOM sessions will take place | Virtual Plenary & Regular Zoom sessions | live sessions

At the time of the Congress the presentations will be scheduled into live ZOOM sessions, and participants who will be scheduled to present their works will have a dedicated time for paper presentation, followed by a 5-minute interval allocated for answers to questions. In the minutes allocated for live presentation, the authors will very briefly present the pre-recorded video, which is already uploaded on YouTube.

Poster Presentations |

Poster sessions will provide an opportunity for the authors to display the results and conclusions of the presented paper. The poster will be displayed online throughout the posters session during the congress.

The Organizing team will create a Poster session dedicated album of the Congress, on the official Facebook Page of LUMEN Conference Center and upload all the posters resulted from the registrations. A large online audience will be able to ask questions or make commentaries on the poster, posted as comments. The author/ authors of the poster receiving comments, are invited to answer them when the Open Space virtual or poster presentations session are scheduled. (Open space presentations refers to the time when comments / questions can be addressed to the works posted on the YouTube channel or on the Facebook page, outside of the sessions programmed through ZOOM.)

Click & consult  the available options for designing your poster 

Register here for the World LUMEN Congress 2021


To view the model of some previous virtual presentations, we invite you to see the video recordings on the YouTube channel Editura LUMEN.

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Organizers |
  • LUMEN Conference Center, Iasi (ROMANIA)
  • LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, Iasi (ROMANIA)
  • LUMEN Publishing, Iasi (ROMANIA)
  • LUMEN Media Publishing, London (UNITED KINGDOM)
  • Logos Panda SRL, Iasi, ROMANIA

Looking forward meeting you all online for the World LUMEN Congress 2021, to celebrate 20 years of LUMEN activity!

The Organizing Team of World LUMEN Congress 2021


Happy to help. Inquiries
For supplementary information about our events please contact us at: wlc2021@lumenconference

Author: Editura LUMEN

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