Fundamentals of Social Sciences. University Handbook – Antonio SANDU

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Romanian edition. Original title: FUNDAMENTE ALE STIINTELOR SOCIALE

Antonio SANDU

LUMEN – Copyright © 2012SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         

PAGES: 141         

LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN:  978-973-166-305-0

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The paradigms of social knowledge such as positivism and post-positivism, constructivism and social-constructionism are explanatory models for the field of communication sciences, allowing particular developments according to the particularities of the field. The volume will address topics such as: the nature of the social sciences, the relationship between communication and semiotics, the modalities of epistemic grounding of the social sciences, the relationship between the social sciences, the social philosophy and the epistemology of the social sciences, the specific of these sciences compared to the natural sciences, will focus on the specific explanation and understanding social sciences. The ontological and axiological foundations of the social sciences will be presented. The concept of paradigm and its applications in social sciences will be explained. There will be a historical trip in the field of social sciences. (The author)

Topics of interest:

  • sociology
  • communicational act
  • the epistemology of social sciences


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