Stress Prevention and Management during the Quarantine




stress prevention, quarantine measures, crisis situations, psychological assistance, remote work, psychological counseling


The paper analyzes factors of quarantine measures influencing an individual during the COVID-19 epidemic. It mentions that during the quarantine, it should be considered that some individuals are especially vulnerable in crisis situations and they may need additional psychological assistance. The work presents a set of tools, recommended for specialists providing remote psychological assistance to prevent and overcome stress. Preventive and rehabilitation measures (counseling methods; the change in strategies and patterns of behavior; the involvement of rational psychodiagnostic and self-regulation techniques, etc.) are aimed at reducing the risks of stress and its impact on the individual during quarantine under threat of the COVID-19 epidemic. They should result in an increase in communicative openness, emotional stability, social courage, self-confidence, etc.

Author Biographies

Ivan Okhrimenko, National Academy of Internal Affairs, Kyiv, Ukraine

Doctor in law, professor,

Professor of the Department of Legal Psychology, National Academy of Internal Affairs, Kyiv, Ukraine

Nina Lyhun, National Academy of Internal Affairs, Kyiv, Ukraine

Candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor,

Associate professor of the Department of Public and Administrative Management


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How to Cite

Okhrimenko, I., & Lyhun, N. (2020). Stress Prevention and Management during the Quarantine. BRAIN. Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience, 11(2Sup1), 157-164.

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