Methodological Foundations of Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling


  • Yurii Kashpur National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
  • Liudmyla Lupiiko National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
  • Oleksii Liashenko National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
  • Vira Kuzmenko National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
  • Nataliia Huzii National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
  • Olena Tadeush Boris Grinchenko Kyiv University



Education applicants, consultant, consultative interaction, neuropsychology, neuropedagogy, psychological approach, personal development, person-centered approach


The article analyzes the theoretical and methodological foundations of psychological and pedagogical counseling in the sphere of today's education in the interdisciplinary aspects, in particular, neuropsychology and neuropedagogy. An attempt to substantiate psychological and pedagogical counseling as a service of providing psychological assistance to the client through training and forming a new experience of adaptive behavior in accordance with the requirements of the educational environment is made. Theoretical and methodological foundations of psychological and pedagogical counseling are analyzed on the basis of the works on the current issues of psychological counseling by foreign and domestic researchers. The importance of psycho-consultative interaction in the conditions of inclusive education and teaching special children, taking into account the competencies of neuropedagogy, neuropsychology and neurophysiology was substantiated. The personal approach in the methodology of today's psychological and pedagogical counseling is defined as the main one, which is integrated with psychological approaches to counseling. The methodological foundations of psychological and pedagogical counseling are defined by theoretical and methodological principles, psychological mechanisms for organizing and conducting counseling work and ethical principles and norms for manifestation of professional competence of a counselor.

It was found that psychological approaches such as person-centered, problem-oriented, and professional-competence approaches are most often applied to psychological and pedagogical counseling.


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Kashpur, Y., Lupiiko, L., Liashenko, O., Kuzmenko, V., Huzii, N., & Tadeush, O. (2023). Methodological Foundations of Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling. BRAIN. Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience, 14(1), 01-13.

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