The Contribution of Systemic Modelling and of Early Maladaptive Schema in Psychiatric Expertise


  • Bogdan Pavlovici Child Psychiatrist and Therapist, Universitary Department of Child Psychiatry, Centre Hospitalier de Versailles, UMJ et CMPE, 50 rue Berthier, 78000 VERSAILLES



systemic modelling, early maladaptative schema, psychiatric expertise, limits of international classifications


There are limits in international classifications like DSM 5, CIM 10, which are periodically updated in order to adapt to the constantly changing psychiatric field.

Furthermore, the DSM 5 does not allow the mention of a personality disorder before 18 years of age.

The modelling proposed by Jeffrey Young-American psychologist-, that of « early maladaptive schema » provide a way out of stagnation by bringing vulnerabilities to the forefront. These may, from an expertal viewpoint, explain some psychological processes that may lead to delinquent  behaviours or become fertile ground for agression and development of psychological trauma.

The modelling proposed by various systemic theory scientists allows for a more in depth explanation of progressive build-up of a pathology through repeat dysfunctional systemic interactions.

This contribution is very useful in judicial but also familial expertise.

I will illustrate my remarks through two clinical studies.


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