Resilience and Emotional Comfort in a Pandemic Through Philosophical Counselling. Experimental Study.


  • Adela Moldovan Drd., Technical University of Cluj Napoca,
  • Dan Gabriel Sîmbotin C S I Dr., Institute of Economic and Social Research „Gh. Zane ”of the Romanian Academy, Iași Branch, Cluj Napoca Technical University,



philosophical counselling program, emotional distress, articulations of philosophical thinking, genesis of the inner world


By undertaking “theōría-práxis” research, this paper aims to: define the key concepts involved in philosophical counselling and examine the effectiveness of philosophical approaches in the context of implementing a philosophical counselling program to reduce the level of emotional distress felt in the context of the Sars pandemic-Cov2. In this sense, I have made a lexicography of the articulations of thought, which are philosophical approaches and philosophical resources, used as therapeutic prescriptions, which have proven their effectiveness in the path of wisdom.


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Moldovan, A., & Sîmbotin, D. G. (2024). Resilience and Emotional Comfort in a Pandemic Through Philosophical Counselling. Experimental Study. BRAIN. Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience, 15(1), 229-239.

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