BRAND. Broad Research in Accounting, Negotiation and Distribution

e-ISSN: 2067-8177

Frequency | 1 issue/year with 1-2 possible supplementary issues*

* Starting with Volume 10, Issue 2 - December 2019, the journal will be published by LUMEN Publishing House, on behalf of and in cooperation with Academia EduSoft.

The previous issues of the journal were published by Academia EduSoft, and are available online at:

The aim of the journal is to make an agora of different experts in economy, social and political sciences. We expect articles from experts in different scientific and practical fields, like accounting, marketing, management, economy, trade, finace, operational research, optimization, graph theory, game theory, voting, political communication, sociology etc.

Theoreticians and practicians, experts and PhD students are encouraged to publish their studies, research projects and ideas in this academic journal.

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LUMEN Journals celebrate the OPEN ACCESS WEEK 2019!


LUMEN welcomes the international efforts of the open access system, and joins the celebration of the open access week, participating day by day in shaping a system of dissemination of knowledge which aims to be transparent, accessible, but also fair from the perspective of participating in the research communication

LUMEN has developed an editorial tradition over more than 18 years, supporting the dissemination of knowledge both by publishing books, scientific journals, but also by organizing international scientific conferences.

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Vol 10, No 1 (2019): BRAND, Issue 1, Volume 10, 2019

Table of Contents


Bogdan Patrut
Samuray Karaca, Ahmet Karaca
Adrian Lucian Sala
Büşra Tosunoğlu, Nurbanu Öztürkci
Erhan Uğurlukol, Nevser Mine Tükenmez
Mesut Atasever
Elif Erer, Deniz Erer