Conditions and Programs for Waste Management


  • Ciprian UNGUREANU Stefan cel Mare University, Suceava, Romania



Waste management, polluting era, environmental law, waste management. JEL Classification K10


The new environmental European and national paradigm imposed a series of evolving changes in regulations governing waste regardless of its type.

Romania's integration into the European Union has imposed a synchronization with regard to environmental regulations. The transposition of a large majority of the European Union law into the national space constituted a genuine change of the Romanian law on the relevant issues in the field of waste management.

The unprecedented dynamics of legislation in the matter has led to the implementation of standards that are suitable as a correction of the waste management regime.

Environmental protection, sustainable development, as expressions, are found in all aspects of social life, as human society has experienced an exponential development in relation to new technologies, and this has led to the occurrence of side effects, namely creating a waste space which are a harmful pollutant.

In order to achieve a consistent approach to eliminating this harmful element, the international authorities have signalled a sign that suggests a global strategy.


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