• Petronela SCUTARIU Assistant Ph.D, "Stefan cel Mare" University of Suceava



Local public administration, management, material-functional sense, formal-structural sense, local community, local public affairs.


Intrinsic ring of administrative system, the local public administration uses managerial actions and practices in local public affairs governance to respond to the needs of local community members. To accomplish its mission, the local public administration needs a managerial component. To reflect the management role for the organization and the functioning of local government and especially for the achievement of its purpose, this article intends to examine the contents of local public administration and its management. The conducted study reveals the need for management in the local administration process which legitimizes it and gives it substance. This need is justified by the fact that the management in local public administration brings together all the managerial actions, practices and procedures carried out at the level of local government, through which the laws are executed and the local public services are provided, in order to meet the local community needs at the highest possible grade.

How to cite: Scutariu, P. (2016). Marks Regarding Local Public Administration and the Role of its Management. European Journal of Law and Public Administration, 3(1), 121-129. DOI:


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How to Cite

SCUTARIU, P. (2016). MARKS REGARDING LOCAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND THE ROLE OF ITS MANAGEMENT. European Journal of Law and Public Administration, 3(1), 121-129.



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