On the Representation of Employers in Employment Relations


  • Irena KOZUB Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi State University, Chernivtsi, Ukraine




law, employer, Labor of Ukraine


According to the norms of Ukrainian legislation the institute of representation belongs to the sphere of Civil Law of Ukraine. At that the researchers of the science of the civil law have pointed out and emphasized the peculiarities of representation in different areas as sharing some common features it possesses different contents. The abovementioned peculiarity of representation has been attracting attention and is still under the research by scientists-laborers whose views on the presence of representation in the Labor Law are at times oppositional. The following are among those scientists: B. K. Behichev, O. V. Bryliova, N. D. Hetmantseva, L. V. Zaitseva, M. S. Kaminska, V. H. Melnikova, V. O. Protsevskyi, S. M. Prylypko, H. A. Trunova, H. I. Chanysheva, O. M. Iaroshenko and others. Despite numerous scientific debates in this area the topicality of the suggested subject of the research still remains extremely significant which is mainly predetermined by the absence of the norms on the regulation of the relations of representation in the current Law Code on Labor. This is why the aim of this research is to determine the possibilities of representation of employers according to the norms of Labor Law both in individual and collective labor relations alongside with the analysis of problematic issues in this area and the ways of their solution.


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