Court Debates as Interactive Teaching Method in Training Judges


  • Oleksii CHERNOVSKY Department of Legal Psychology in Chernivtsi National University named after Y. Fedkovych, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor, Chernivtsi, Ukraine



debates, interactive teaching methods, judge education, communication, experience.


At the present stage, taking into account European experience, the role of reforming judiciary education in Ukraine, which should include not only knowledge of material and procedural law, but also is obliged to help judges, to understand the social context of cases which they consider, to predict the consequences of their decisions for an individual and for society as a whole. It is consiered that the replacement of traditional academic teaching methods in the form of lectures on modern interactive teaching methods, among which the court debates play an important role, contributing to the understanding of legal thinking as a living interpersonal communication, a complexsocial system based on mutual communication between the parties in the stage of judicial review. The narrativity of the debate, as an interactive teaching method in the process of training judges, is a component of practical experience which, on the one hand, embraces knowledge, abilities, skills and instruction, and on the other hand stands as discursive and intersubjective method, it needs constant, legal communication, characterized by readiness to hear others and to increase own professional qualification level.


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