Some Aspects of Regulating Ukraine’s Economy During Special Period


  • Igor POMERANSKYY Department of Private Law of Law Faculty of Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University



economy, Special Period, the forms and means of regulating economy, the mechanisms off regulating business activities.


Most scholars generally agree that Ukraine has been in extraordinary conditions since the end of 2013. The war has become the reason for it. On April 14, 2014, our country announced the Antiterrorist Operation in its eastern territories. The latter fact has been confirmed by the President’s Decree of April 14, 2014 № 405/2014. Till that time, to be more precise, since March 17, 2014, Ukraine has kept to the so-called Special Period. That is how this period was defined by the President’s Decree of March 17, 2014 № 303/2014 “On Partial Mobilization”. The Special Period is continuing till now. The article under discussion does not reveal the reasons that gave a start to the war with the neighboring state, the latter constantly concealing its participation in the hostilities and trying to use various war configurations. That is why the war has acquired its present-day hybrid nature. In other words, it applies different methods, forms and means of waging. Particular emphasis has been laid on the issues of economic regulation, which are to be faced directly by the correspondent experts. First, it is necessary to refocus the national economy towards defense industry, thus stipulating economic development of the country. Another very important issue is a dialectic combination of economic dictatorship at the macroeconomic level and deregulation at the level of communities. It is a complicated process of reforming the whole system of economic management under the conditions of the hostilities. It should be oriented to create the most favorable business environment, whereby the market laws will do their best making up for the efficient work of various business entities and enabling the state to acquire a prevailing regulatory function.


The term “apparatus” (apparat) does not refer to some specific state body, but to a group of various citizens, which was artificially and illegally formed beyond the official governmental system. This group clandestinely comprises the individuals from different state bodies and business groupings, who have imputed the legitimate powers of the existing systems and imposed their will on others, demanding to fix it officially.

Unfortunately, the changes in these delicate issues have not acquired an irreversible nature. The same problems start being accumulated today, which can lead to similar consequences in the long run.

These techniques have been worked out with participation of the lawyers, who occupy their positions at the levels, where important decisions are made. Judicial branch on the whole, and the system of the Courts of Specialization in particular, deserve peculiar attention. What is more, the latter courts deserve to be eliminated at all.

In this way, they reduce tension between social classes and various groups of society in the countries with highly developed economy

Animal advocates may get insulted and come up with an absolutely fair hypothesis that animals behave themselves differently. Here, the term “animal” is used in a somewhat different meaning.

However, it does not mean that some progressive force, which succeeded in winning the power in the course of revolutionary events, will always remain progressive. Historical process is constantly moving forwards, changing the world, economy and society, as well as correcting the priorities. Therefore, the power mechanisms, which may have been regarded as rather acceptable at some stage, may lose all their positive features, due to different reasons, and require some drastic changes in the same revolutionary way.

On the Decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine of April 13, 2014 “On the Urgent Measures Regarding Terroristic Threats and Preservation of the Territorial Indivisibility of Ukraine”: President’s Decree of April 14, 2014 № 405/2014 [esource]. – Access: http: //




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