Integrity as a Personal, Professional and Moral Value


  • Mariana Calancea MA, Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, “Ştefan cel Mare” University from Suceava, Romania.



Integrity, ethical values, personal integrity, professional integrity, moral integrity


Integrity is a concept that encompasses a series of human values, often defined as an attribute of being and remaining honest, fair, and incorruptible. Thus, it can be assimilated to the sense of justice, dignity and conscientiousness, serving as a guide in human conduct. In the 21st century, debates about integrity have become more and more frequent, recognizing that integrity can be appreciated as a standard to assess the conduct of a person, institution, organization or even an entire community or nation. Currently, integrity is the most effective standard when it comes to establishing the level of trust, professionalism and competence. This article theoretically addresses the way in which integrity can become a value that can only develop in an environment in which human dignity is valued, individuals enjoy the right to assert their choices and have the freedom to make choices, an environment in which justice, truth and ethical conscientiousness are unanimously accepted ethical values. However, paradoxically, integrity is highlighted only by reference to a climate or a specific situation where this value is less recognized or respected.


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