Tortious Liability vs Contractual Liability. Comparative View


  • Loredana Terec-Vlad Ştefan cel Mare University in Suceava, Romania; Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest, Romania; Romanian Academy - Institute of Sociology, Bucharest, Romania



tortious civil liability, contractual civil liability, the New Civil Code, obligations


To speak of responsibility and accountability in human actions is to bring together two disciplines: philosophy and law. The society we live in is based on knowledge, one in which human values have transformed, relativism being an element that outlines certain justifications of the individual for their actions. The same is not the case in law, where everyone is accountable and responsible for their actions. In this paper we will bring to the forefront the tortious liability vs. contractual liability.


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Terec-Vlad, L. (2022). Tortious Liability vs Contractual Liability. Comparative View. Journal for Ethics in Social Studies, 5(1), 45-49.

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