A Few Remarks on Urbanism Specific to Various European States from a Legislative and Historical Point of View


  • Mădălina-Elena Mihăilescu “Dunărea de Jos”, University of Galaţi




capital, urbanism, architecture, space, administration


Due to migration, but also of globalization, all European states face, from year to year, big problems related to urbanism that are not actually limited only to matters related to the architecture of cities, but also to traffic, the layout of parks and of green areas, as well as parking lots. This article will try to present distinctive legal issues related to how urban planning problems are solved in some of the main European states that are, among others, touristically developed, and how their local administrations try to solve all the important aspects mentioned above.

Author Biography

Mădălina-Elena Mihăilescu, “Dunărea de Jos”, University of Galaţi

PhD Associate Professor, “Dunărea de Jos”, University of Galaţi, Faculty of Law and Public Administration


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Mihăilescu, M.-E. (2022). A Few Remarks on Urbanism Specific to Various European States from a Legislative and Historical Point of View. Jurnalul De Studii Juridice, 17(1-2), 08-17. https://doi.org/10.18662/jls/17.1-2/96



International Law. European Law. Comparative Law

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