Glocalization Practices of Supermarket Chains. Case Study: Food Retailers in Romania


  • Adina Palea Politehnica University of Timisoara



corporate communication, retailer brands, globalization, glocalization, marketing strategies, private label


Glocalization has continuously gained popularity over the past 20 years. The rise of nationalism and other trends in political radicalization have strengthen the need for retailers to find local solutions to their globally distributed products. In some cases, the adaptation has happened smoothly and naturally, in other situations it was imposed by the local judicial context. The paper focuses on European supermarket chains, like Kaufland, Lidl or Penny, giving special attention to their glocalization strategies used in Romania. The research has revealed that the retailers have become quite versatile and that they are currently developing products tailored to satisfy Romanians’ expectations regarding traditional tastes, recipes, and design.


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