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Journal for Social Media Inquiry is an open access peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles which approach the study and understanding of social media.

We encourage papers related to ethical issues in qualitative/quantitative research in social media field which may bring new knowledge and better understanding of the social media mechanism and influence on social action and/or human behavior.

The journal facilitates state-of-the-art inquiry on cutting-edge trends and enables scholars to develop research and track trends in this field.

The journal accepts manuscripts such as theoretical articles, research articles, reviews, editorials (only invited), letters to editors and comments.

Frequency | 1 issue per year with 1-2 possible supplementary issues

Language of publication | Multilanguage (ENGLISH and ROMANIAN, or the language in which the manuscript was originally written when considering the national specific of the study/research/analysis (except the Cyrillic alphabet or languages which must first transliterated into Latin alphabet) (for many information ask the editorial team by emailing us at redactia@edituralumen.net).

Abstracting & Indexing | CrossRef; RePEc; CEEOL; Google Scholar, ICI Journals Master List - Index Copernicus; EBSCO.

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1 issue/year with 1-2 possible supplementary issues

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