The Perspectives of Technological Process


  • Andreea Anisoara Bondar PhD Student, Ştefan cel Mare University, Suceava, România



information, communication, connectivity, technology,


Within this article I propose to analyse a few perspectives arisen from the course of time, as an integral part of the technological process, information and communication networks. There are enough theoreticians who have particularly concerned about these issues, signaling that the communication network was expanded greatly due to our need to enhance and interconnect. The information and entertainment, which we find them in the online space fit better, as values than the necessities for the individuals that use gadgets to satisfy the wishes, to supervise everything that surrounds them (news, games, people, banking, resolutions to their problems etc.). We build social needs and are generated by the consumer society, by the access to information being easily accomplished and we set up, as part of political, cultural, economic domains etc. (ex.: the presence on a social network, we are involved in different contents, contests, campaigns, rallies) through a simple click. Even if the impact of digital sphere is obvious, the computers could not take over the leadership of society, although there are varying perspectives starting from this idea –of artificial intelligence.


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Bondar, A. A. (2019). The Perspectives of Technological Process. Journal for Social Media Inquiry, 1(1), 11-15.

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