Nomophobia: A Research among Italian Digital Natives


  • Jacopo Bernardini University of Perugia (Italy), Faculty of Political Sciences



nomophobia, digital natives, smartphone, Italy,


In recent years, media attention has been increasingly focused on certain concepts that are closely related to the improper and excessive use of mobile phones: smartphone psychological dependence, the correlation between youth apathy and the massive use of new technologies, and the drastic change of social interaction in the Internet Age. Such phenomena may be considered to be the reason behind the emergence of a new contemporary pathology that already has a name: nomophobia. This is a pathology that seems to be quite common at present, particularly in those countries with high levels of smartphone ownership, usage and penetration, such as Italy.

Author Biography

Jacopo Bernardini, University of Perugia (Italy), Faculty of Political Sciences

Jacopo Bernardini holds a PhD in Social and Political Theory and Research. He is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Methodology of Social Research at the Department of Political Sciences, University of Perugia (Italy)


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