Cooperation in Agriculture between Scepticism and Necessity


  • Cătălin Ionuţ Lăscaie Valahia University of Targoviste



agriculture, cooperation, social economy, rural development


The development of the agriculture of the European countries is characterized by the increasing penetration in this branch of the commercial, industrial, banking capital, determined by the necessity of the accelerated modernization of the agriculture. In this sense, agricultural cooperation in developed countries plays a significant role. Developed countries, promote and support rural development based on cooperation and association, thus limiting the extension of monopolies, diminishing the rural exodus, regulating the demand-offer ratio and protecting the environment. Cooperation can be considered a major component of rural modernization and integration. For Romania however, there are still psychological barriers to setting up agricultural cooperatives, although the labour force in agriculture has decreased, affecting the livelihoods of the rural area, productivity and profitability. A small part of the farmers managed to diversify their activities, although the majority of the land owners continue to depend only on agriculture.

Reflecting the concepts and theoretical constructs identified in the literature this paper developed an analytical framework positioning co-operation, doing social business and value creation. Then is important for us to assess the drivers and obstacles, the process, and the outcomes of such co-operation. In this research, the principal external drivers and obstacles to co-operation are analysed at global, organizational and individual levels.


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